The Inver springs are made with the help of high precision mechanical machines and consist of a number of springs that can vary from a minimum of 96 to a maximum of 182. The whole production process of the springs, as well as that of the springs and the boxes, produced by Inver, positively affect the durability and comfort of the mattresses that will be created with them.

The company distributes its products both in most of the Italian territory and in the European one.

Springs production

The various types of springs are made with steel wire whose diameter can vary from 1.90 + 2.20 mm, while the height varies from 80 + 135 mm; their internal diameter can vary from 80 up to 93 mm.
The compression work potential is absolutely able to satisfy every need, thanks also to the quality of the material used.

Box production

The orthopedic suspension is the most widespread in the world. Its rigidity is determined by the quantity of olle that compose it (min.96, max 132 springs mq.). The spring is made of steel wire with a diameter of 2.20 mm. and the assembly spirals are made of steel wire with a diameter of 1.30 mm.

Product packaging "Roll-Pack"

The packaging of the spring used is the "Roll-Pack" system, which is particularly compact and not bulky. Depending on the size and weight of the spring suspension each roll can contain from 5 to 15 springs. The package of loose springs are in packs of 28 to 30 kg.

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